Eau de Toilette

What is Eau de Toilette?

Eau de toilette is one of the types of perfumes that are applied to skin to freshen them up. It is lightly scented, containing lighter fragrance notes than usual perfumes. It can be purchased alongside perfume at your local fragrance shop, as these are sure to carry several different brands.

Toilette waters are considered weaker, or diluted, than their full-alcohol counterparts. Sometimes they are composed of other volatile oils. They come made with fragrances from different flowers, which are incorporated in the water that helps form the base. Among these includes lavender, lilac, geranium and violet essences.

What are Eau de Toilette Uses?

Eau de Toilette

Eau de Toilette

The most obvious use is to apply it to the skin to give it a fresh and pleasant aroma. One common application for toilette is to apply it liberally after showering or shaving.

In addition to this, some people use it because of its purported health benefits. It is said to tone and restore skin cells to some degree. One of the claims listed in a compendium known as The Medical Record: A Weekly Journal of Medicine and Surgery is that using eau de toilette will actually restore energy and morale in social situations.

Eau de Toilette History

Cleopatra seduced Mark Antony using flower water on the Berdan River banks. It has flourished in worldwide usage, especially with women early on. Louis XIV, the King of France, combined a series of oils and essences he called “heavenly water” to apply to his clothing; among these were orange flower, aloe wood and rose water. Throughout the 18th century, and as early as the 16th century, a toilette was created called “plague waters,” which were said to stave off the bubonic plague.

Eau de Toilette Composition

These perfumes are created using ethanol and scented water. Perfume has up to 20% of perfume oil, mixed with up to 80% alcohol and water. On the other hand, eau de toilette has only 2-8% perfume oil, and 60-80% alcohol. The percentage of volume for aromatic compounds to alcohol in the average toilette mix is about ~10%, with 5% being the lowest and 15% being the highest. The only thing lesser is aftershave, which only has up to 3% perfume oils.

Eat de Toilette Famous Brands

• Calvin Klein
• Davidoff Coolwater
• Ralph Lauren
• Oscar De La Renta
• Aquolina
• Christian Dior
• Yves St. Laurent
• Giorgio Armani

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Tips on Choosing Eau de Toilette

The great thing about eau de toilette is that they can be used in any situation. The alcohol content is usually high, but the scent is not overpowering. It all comes down with what scent you prefer for you, since most are subtle and not at all sharp. You can go for brand recognition and affordability here.

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