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In perfumery, the precise formula of any eau de toilette or perfume is never disclosed. These formulas make up the basis for how they smell, and even the slightest tweaking can completely change how the fragrance is perceived to the consumer. It is important to keep concealed so that perfume shops have signature versions. Anyone can differentiate an eau de toillete scent, but the specific eau de toilette fragrance notes require a true aficionado to detect accurately – like a sommelier for fine wine.

Eau de Toilette or Perfume Fragrance Notes

Eau de toilettes, and perfumes in general, are measured by a series of notes. You can think of notes like fragrance layers. Each note is crafted to be deployed at a certain time, with evaporation points in mind from the beginning. It takes a skilled perfumer to be able to mix these different notes together, much like an orchestra does for a symphony.

Head Notes: These fragrances are sensed right when the perfume is released with the alcohol solvent. The smells released from these are intended to evaporate rather quickly. Often, the first impressions of an eau de toilette or perfume can be derived from the head notes. The most important component.

Heart Notes: As soon as the head notes dissipate, these emerge in the perfume. They form the foundation for the chosen scent, hence the ‘heart’ of the eau de toilette fragrance notes. These also serve to mask the base notes, which tend to be overpowering to the senses at first, but gradually improve fragrances.

Base Notes: These notes form the departure for the eau de toilette or perfume fragrance notes, and occur right alongside the heart notes. The base and heart notes work together to give the perfume character and body. Base notes tend to be deeper and more complex than the others, but are always perceived last..

Eau de Toillete or Perfume Scent

Eau de Toilette or Perfume Lavander Scent

Lavander Perfume Scent

These are general fragrance profiles, noticeable by anyone.

The single floral eau de toilette scent is from a single flower.

Leather scents are of honey, wood, or tobacco.

The wood eau de toillete scent profile is based on cedarwood, sandalwood, or agarwood.

The floral bouquet eau de toillete scent is classified for several flower fragrances.

Fougère is a scent profile built around lavender, oakmoss, and coumarin.

Ambered scents include ambergris combined with vanilla, or labdanum with tonka bean, floral, and wood notes.

Finally, the chypre scents are built around patchouli, bergamot, and oakmoss.

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