Perfume Brands for Men & Women

Perfume for Men: Brands and Descriptions

Man Perfume

Man applying Perfume

• #5. Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene. This is an eau de toilette spray created in 1978 as a perfume for men. It exudes a masculine aroma made from violets. Fragrance notes include lemon, petitgrain and violet. We also find rose, geranium and sage. The bit of cedarwood is a nice touch to the presentation.

• #4. Dolce & Gabbana by Dolce & Gabbana. Another eau de toilette created in 1994 as a perfume for men. It has a herbal blend, with an exuberant citrus aroma. The lemon, sage, terragon and lavender are punctual, and the base notes contain a blend of musk and Sicily cedar.

• #3. Cool Water by Davidoff. A cool blend created in 1988 as a perfume for men. It is very aromatic and refreshing. The most prominent notes found here are jasmine, musk, sandalwood and mint and coriander.

• #2. Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani. This is a casual blend made in 1997 as a perfume for men. It has a scent resembling nature, like an ocean breeze. It has jasmine, a bit of wood, and prominent but gentle citrus notes.

• #1. Paul Sebastian by Paul Sebastian. A nice aromatic sweet floral, citrus, woodsy and musk blend created in 1979 as a perfume for men. This is recommended for evening wear. Simple, yet elegant, and the most popular here.

Perfume for Women: Brands and Descriptions

Woman Perfume

Woman applying Perfume

• #5. Sung by Alfred Sung. This is a very floral and pungent fragrance created in 1986 as a perfume for women. It combines floral, mandarin orange, jasmine, a touch of vanilla and amber.

• #4. White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor. This is a blend of crisp, punctual, soft and exotic fragrances, created in 1991 as a perfume for women. Notes include Italian sandalwood, neroli and orris. It also has jasmine, rose, and patchouli. This brand may be easiest to find in a perfume shop.

• #3. Angel by Thierry Mugler. This is a very nice, pure blend of soft and sensual notes, created in 1992 as a perfume for women. The trio of vanilla, chocolate and caramel are detectable right away.

• #2. Design by Paul Sebastian. A very floral, warm blend created in 1985 as a perfume for women. It combines orange blossom, peach, rose and honeysuckle, and spicy carnation tones. There is also some lilac.

• #1. Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana. This is a very sexy, enticing blend created in 2001 as a perfume for women. It has an apple aroma at first, but is joined by Sicily cedar, some lemon, white rose, musk and amber. Very come-hither, but also innocent, and the most popular in this category.

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